be as one

Who we are

bao stands for "be as one": We believe that mutual understanding between individuals is key to the success of a good conversation. Founded in 2017, bao has evolved into a dynamic, fast-growing and visionary sales tech start-up. At bao, we are on the verge of fundamentally changing sales. In 2020, we succeeded in becoming the leading European provider of conversation intelligence software - and we are far from reaching our goal.

From Art to science

We don't believe in phrases like "you have to be born for sales." We are convinced - sales is 75% science.

Nowadays decisions in sales are often based on the remaining 25% - on gut feeling and opinions. The consequence: success factors remain unclear and improvement potentials remains undiscovered.
In our ideal world, sales leaders and reps alike, use data and artificial intelligence to validate gut feelings and opinions in sales. Decisions are made data-driven and customer-centric - in real time.

Our core values

be ambitious

Get our vision out there and strive for the company's success and the success of our customers.

be open-minded

Have an honest interest in each other and encourage an open and respectful communication.

be innovative

Always be close to partners and clients to truly understand their needs and our value added. That way small yet relevant innovations lead us to reaching the bigger goal, step by step.




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VP Sales


Director Trust, Operations & Partnerships


Customer Success Lead


Product Lead


AI Lead (Co - Founder)

our values are your values, too?

Then join our team! We are not only always looking for the best talents, but for people who love to take responsibility, have an open mindset and bring creativity to the table.

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