April 26, 2023


April 26, 2023


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  • Artificial intelligence takes conversations to a new level
  • 43% more sales deals thanks to specialized software from bao
  • The co-pilot of bao as a supplement to the sellers and not as a replacement

Munich | 19.04.2023 – The software company bao, founded in Munich in 2017, developed a co-pilot for real-time support of sales conversations long before the current ChatGPT hype. The technology is already in use at many renowned companies and capable of sustainably increasing sales success. For example, bao was able to increase the success rate of TeamViewer by up to 43% after only a short time.

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the trending topic of the year. Applications such as ChatGPT are already being used by 100 million people shortly after their market launch. In the process, AI gives us clues based on identified patterns in an enormous data pool. The quality of the hints is based on the quality of the data used.

Support sales conversations with AI in real time

There is also great potential in sales calls. AI can provide all the information that influences the outcome of a conversation in real time. Recurring call situations are particularly suitable for this: the influencing factors can be better controlled, and AI identifies valid success patterns. In this way, conversations can be conducted at a consistently high level. And bao has shown in recent years that intelligent technological approaches can also be used in a privacy-compliant manner – a very important factor, especially in Germany.


The bao software solution helps to support sales conversations in real time. Call data is structured and converted into valuable insights with the help of analysis functions. In times of disruptive markets, this is the essential treasure of companies. Companies such as TeamViewer, Personio or Conrad Electronics already use bao and were able to realize the benefits as early adopters.


Dr. Patrick Strunkmann-Meister, CEO and founder of bao, comments: “Despite all the sensitivity, especially for data protection, we are very pleased about the strong increase in attention for approaches such as ChatGPT. The new developments are an important lever in the further development of our software solution. Since we have long been involved with the use of technology directly in the sales conversation, we can now very quickly achieve additional added value for our customers.”

The AI-based co-pilot from bao as a supplement and not a replacement

Good conversations are always based on the right connection between the conversation partners. bao carries this in its name (“be as one”). It is not about replacing people, but rather about complementing them: salespeople remain at the helm as pilots. bao acts as a co-pilot, supporting salespeople with relevant information in real time.

About bao

The software company bao (= “be as one”), founded in Munich in 2017, has developed a co-pilot for sales conversations. bao helps companies to systematically and measurably improve their sales conversations. The Conversation Intelligence software identifies success factors in the sales process and supports sales teams in implementing best practices. Customers such as TeamViewer or Conrad Electronics use bao to generate structured, analyzable data from conversations and continuously improve their sales teams.

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