Bao 2.0

New design, new features and even more AI

March 04 2021

New design, new features, more AI – With a brand overhaul and the 2.0 release of its Conversation Intelligence platform, bao solutions aims to strengthen its leading role in the European Conversation Intelligence market and to pave the way to the mass market.

bao develops and sells Conversation Intelligence software for sales teams. With bao sales organizations can systematically and measurably improve their sales conversations and create more transparency about success factors in their sales process. After a successful year 2020 including the financing round in September, bao is now aiming for the next level.

“The new brand identity was the next logical step for us. Last year, we increased our customer base more than six-fold and have reached a point where we need to convey our leading role in the European market also to the outside world,“ says Jan-Niklas Frantz, Head of Revenue at bao.

With the relaunch of the brand, customers can not only expect a full design overhaul, but also a new version of the Conversation Intelligence platform. The focus here was an improved user experience (UX), even deeper integration with the leading CRM systems, and greater use of artificial intelligence (AI).

bao 2.0 – new design, new features, more AI

In addition to the improved look and feel, the launch of the 2.0 release includes the first AI stage in the product. Users now receive real-time feedback on the quality of their conversation. Further stages will follow soon.

“This first AI stage is an important step in achieving our product vision and comes at the right time. An AI needs inputs – and since we can work with structured data, unlike other providers, we don’t need millions of conversations to identify patterns and make recommendations. Thousands are enough for us, and we now have them on a weekly basis,“ says Dr. Patrick Strunkmann-Meister, CEO of bao solutions.

In addition, integration with existing CRM systems has been further improved. This should significantly relieve users, especially in call preparation, as context-relevant information is now available in the bao interface at any time.

“We see ourselves as the “iPhone“ for salespeople – you just want to have it. It’s elegant, simple and creates significant added value in your daily life. Salespeople usually have a hectic workday – we want to provide calmness and structure here. At some point, the use of bao should be considered good form in sales,“ adds Patrick Strunkmann-Meister.

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