bao and Sales Coach Urban Schmitt Collaborate on AI-Based Sales Conversations

October 12, 2023


27. September 2023

Software company bao and sales coach Urban Schmitt collaborate on AI-based sales

Munich | 12.10.2023 – The technology company bao, which develops an AI-based solution for real-time sales call support and analysis, announces its collaboration with Urban Schmitt. Urban, one of the leading sales coaches in Germany, will contribute his extensive knowledge and expertise in sales to the further development of bao’s solutions.

Urban Schmitt has had a remarkable career that has given him experience in various industries and positions. Formerly working as a television editor for industry giants such as ZDF and RTL, Urban Schmitt has not only gained a deep knowledge of the media landscape, but also honed his skills in negotiations. With more than 10 years of experience as an independent sales and communications trainer, he serves clients such as IBM, Siemens and Microsoft, as well as political players whom he coaches for campaign speeches.

As an external partner at bao, Urban Schmitt focuses on the further development of the bao co-pilot. Here he helps e.g. with the fine-tuning of the AI models for perfect sales conversations. In addition, his experience directly benefits bao’s customers by improving the sales conversations and strategies mapped on the bao platform.

“We are very excited about our close partnership with Urban Schmitt,” says Dr. Patrick Strunkmann-Meister, CEO and founder of bao. “In my conversations with Urban, it became clear to me very quickly that he is the perfect advisor for our customers and – more and more in the future – our own AI. AI still needs a bit to get to Urban’s level. But together we will approach here step by step. A truly forward-looking partnership!”.

Urban Schmitt’s reasons for supporting bao are clear: “Every company faces the challenges of cold calling, and bao fills a significant gap here. Many sales teams today still rely on outdated methods and miss the personal touch in their conversations. The fascinating thing about bao for me is the combination of standardized conversation management and yet – or perhaps because of it – noticeably more personal conversations.”

About bao

The software company bao (= “be as one”), founded in Munich in 2017, has developed a co-pilot for sales conversations. bao helps companies to systematically and measurably improve their sales conversations. The Conversation Intelligence software identifies success factors in the sales process and supports sales teams in implementing best practices. Customers such as TeamViewer or Conrad Electronics use bao to generate structured, analyzable data from conversations and continuously improve their sales teams.

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